How to tie a chair tie into a weave on chiavari chairs.

Learn a classic bow chair tie with a twist!

Add a rosette to your chair tie design.

Learn how to tie this sleek chair tie look.
Spice up your event with cute chair tie ideas!
Happy Thanksgiving from the Tabletoppers Family!
it's about being remembered." - Giorgio Armani
Tabletoppers is celebrating it's 40th anniversary. As a family-owned business, we greatly appreciate the support of our loyal clients!
Try this dynamic duo for your next event. Two of our newest linens, Antique Gold Rio Rose and Gold Rush, will team up perfectly for an elegant, yet modern presentation. With just the right amount of understated glitz, you can't go wrong with this combination!
How to tie the classic square knot chair tie.
Our new showroom is a linen-lover's dream!
The Atlanta Braves honor a baseball legend, and Tabletoppers was there!
Learn how to make this classic napkin fold.

Create some drama! Add focus to certain areas of your event, like the dessert table.

Decorate each table as a different decade but keep a cohesive look for a black tie New Years party!
Gorgeous winter event design at Saddle & Cycle Club Chicago.
A How-To Napkin Fold Tutorial. Learn how to fold this cornucopia napkin for an adorable table setting at your next party!
Tabletoppers was a proud sponsor of The Wedding Salon Show held in Chicago. These photos captured some of the outstanding setups.

Great burlap-inspired fall event ideas.

Exclusive How-To Video

Dress up your party with these patriotic ideas!

Video tutorial for chair ties.

Mix overlays with different tablecloths for a unique look!

Video Tutorial on a classy looking napkin fold!
Video tutorial for this classic napkin fold.
Customizable Tablecloths
Hot Event Trends for 2013
Add some extra love to your event!
Watch the video to learn this awesome style!
Ideas for a special Valentine's Day

Video on tying highboy cocktail table linens in the Martini Style.

The world's most beautiful way to cover a chair.

The Tabletoppers booth at TSE 2013 in Chicago earned rave reviews.

A sampling of recent additions to the Tabletoppers linen collection...

Add distinction to your next event...

This season's hottest new item will add charm and luxury to your event...

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